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We’re Here To Serve Your Unique Recovery Needs.

No two asset recovery situations are the same. Your business has distinct needs and goals when it comes to reclaiming your collateral. We work collaboratively with you and engage innovative technologies to deliver solutions that complement the way you do business. No matter the situation, we have the experience and services to help you resolve your recovery challenges.

One Dependable Source For Your Recovery Goals.

With Location Services, you have access to a complete suite of solutions-based services, from recovery to remarketing and beyond.

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Compliant Collateral Recovery

Our unique nationwide agent network is highly trained in the art of recovery, as well as industry-standard compliance programs that focus on protecting consumer information. These capabilities, coupled with the use of our LPR technology, enable us to achieve quick and effective results.

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Skip Location

Leveraging seasoned investigators, internal analytics and industry leading data modeling, we’re equipped to provide location updates in realtime to quickly recover your missing collateral.

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License Plate Recognition Technology

We enhance and improve the recovery of your assets across the country through our state-of-the-art License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology and real-time data. LS LPR provides a no-risk, staged hotlist option with increased recovery rates.

LS Impound Services

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Secure, Streamlined Impound Services

Our dedicated team utilizes a streamlined process resulting in quicker recoveries while saving valuable time. Benefits include completing and notarizing impound documents, fronting fees, and securing out-of-the country recoveries.

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Nationwide Auction Partners

Our team leverages longstanding relationships with NAAA sanctioned auction partners to help maximize the value of your collateral while minimizing losses. Upstream remarketing is also leveraged to reduce costs.

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Locksmith Services

Our national locksmith services include transponder, proximity and special-order keys. This service allows your collateral to be accessible and safely transported.

Texas Locksmith License B22996101

LS Transport

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To Any Destination

Our nationwide agent and transportation networks are licensed and insured and will safely transport your collateral to any destination. We also provide transportation services for salvage, power-sports, unique recreational and oversized collateral.

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Complete Title Services

Our experienced title professionals streamline the process in managing your repossession titles, purchase and sales disputes, duplicate and corrected titles, lease-to-loan transfers and affidavits anywhere in the United States.

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Legal Notice Management

We minimize potential risks related to the complex notification process. We provide streamlined, compliant document management, automated fulfillment and tracking of Adverse Action, Right to Cure, Notice of Intent to Sell and Notice of Deficiency for all 50 states.

RA# RA License #
Fairfield RA# 1840
Fremont RA# 1841
Concord RA# 1842
Rancho Cordova RA# 1843
San Lorenzo (Oakland) RA# 1844
Fresno RA# 1845
Bakersfield RA# 1846
Modesto RA# 1847
Chico RA# 1848
Arcadia RA# 1849
Colton RA# 1850
Chula Vista RA# 1851
Salinas RA# 1852
Indio RA# 1853
Panorama City RA# 1854
Santa Fe Springs RA# 1855
Folsom RA# 1856
Pasadena RA# 1857
Moreno Valley RA# 1858
Poway RA# 1859